Compounding Interest Calculator with Monthly Regular Saving

How to use Compounding Interest Calculator with Monthly Regular Saving?

  1. Key in Principal amount. (Principal amount is the first lump sum of money you put in, for example RM5000.00)
  2. Key in the Monthly Regular Saving amount. (If you plan to save RM100.00 each month, key in RM100.00)
  3. Key in the Interest Rate Per Annum (%) (This is the yearly interest rate of your investment, for example: Fixed Deposit 3% per annum, just key in 3)
  4. Key in how many years in No. of year compounding (If you key in 5 years, it will calculate the total amount after 5 years)

Do not understand What is Compound Interest? Read through this simple to understand article on What is Compound Interest?.

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