Hire Purchase Car Loan Calculator Malaysia

How to use Hire Purchase Car Loan Calculator Malaysia?

Key in Car price, Downpayment, Loan No. of Years and Car Loan Interest Rate (%)

The calculator will automatically calculates the Loan Amount, Total interest charges and Monthly payment for you. Learn More 3 types of Car Insurance in Malaysia, find out How Much You Can Loan From Bank.

Hire Purchase Interest Rates Malaysia / Car Loan Interest Rates Malaysia:

BankCar Loan Interest Rates
Hong Leong Bank4.00%
RHB Bank3.10%-3.75%
CIMB Bank3.20-4.25%
Bank Mualamat2.95%
Public Bank3.00%
Hong Leong Islamic Bank2.63%
Affin Bank2.92%
*approximate car loan interest rates as of July2021