KWSP EPF Calculator with Monthly Regular Saving Malaysia

How to use KWSP EPF Calculator with Monthly Regular Saving Malaysia?

  1. Key in Principal amount. (Principal amount is the current existing amount of money you have in your KWSP/EPF account, for example RM100,000.00)
  2. Key in the Monthly Regular Contribution amount for your KWSP/EPF account. (If you save RM500.00 each month, key in RM500.00)
  3. Key in the expected KWPS/EPF Interest Rate Per Annum (%) (This is the yearly interest rate of your KWSP/EPF, for example: KWSP/EPF average yearly interest rate is around 5.5% per annum, so key in 5.5)
  4. Key in how many years in No. of year until your retirement age (If you are now age 30, retirement year is age 55, meaning you still have 25 years to retirement, so key in 25

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