Summary: Total Stamp Duty on MOT

Disclaimer: The calculations done by this calculator is an estimation of the costs of house purchase in Malaysia, it can give you an idea how much money you need to prepare when you purchase a house, the actual amount might varies from this calculation.

The Summary table below sum up the money purchaser/buyer need to pay for Stamp Duty on MOT. Under some special cases, MOT are paid by developer or seller, or shared 50:50 between buyer and seller.

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ItemsAmount (RM)
House Price
Stamp Duty on MOT What is Stamp Duty on MOT?
MOT on 1st RM100,000 (1%)
MOT on RM100,001 – RM500,000 (2%)
MOT on RM500,001-RM1,000,000 (3%)
MOT on RM1,000,001+ (4%)
Total Stamp Duty MOT
(Cash needed to pay for MOT) |